The Concept of Human Nature

The Concept of Human Nature

Related to Teaching and Learning from the Islamic Psychology

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2021-02-03 )

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In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, all praise be to Allah the Lord of the world. The main purpose of my book is to provide ways of shaping man’s behaviour through education that look at human nature from the Islamic perspective especially in the development of his personality. This is aimed to produce a peaceful and orderly ummah full of Amanah, trust, moral and character development through an effective teaching and learning. Many books have been written about human nature. For example Muhammad Abbas (1997) wrote a book and compared western and Islamic psychology of human nature. In his book he show that the three major schools of the western psychology are more concern with the ‘here and now’ of man’s life and they do not cater to answer anything on human nature before man was born, nor to what will happen to him after death. In this book it is clearly shown that, human nature based on the Islamic worldview and its implications for school counselling. The study reveals that Islam being the religion of human nature (din al fitrah) has been designed to fulfil the needs of the individual’s fitrah.

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Abdulkadir Isa Adam

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