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Inspiring Muslimah

Inspiring Muslimah

Revealing Elegance, Celebrating the Perfect Characteristics and Glory of Muslim Women in Islam

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2024-04-24 )

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In ancient times, women were regarded as jinxes, chattel, or simply the fulfilment of men's lust in many parts of the world. Islam came with the idea that all human beings are equal as long as they remain within their nature, the only difference being piety. Islam came to ennoble women from adversity. The blessings of Islam do not stop at elevating women from backwardness and backwardness to a level of progress, honour, security and protection. Islam also pays attention to the formation and development of every aspect of her personality, both with regard to herself and her relationship with her family and society, so that she can become a civilised and highly developed person, worthy of carrying out her role as the Khalifah of Allah on earth. How did Islam shape her personality? How did her development reach such a high level - which has never been achieved before in the history of women, except in Islam?

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