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One thing that humans often forget

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2024-03-26 )

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Time is a blessing for all of us. Allah has clearly stated the value of time in the Qur'an. We should use time wisely to strengthen our faith in this world and the next. When we think about time, we tend to think about the way we measure the passage of time, or we think about measurable time intervals such as an hour. Humanity has always been concerned with time, measuring time, etc. We talk about the passage of time, the relativity of time, the direction of time, and the wheel of time. The hands of a clock tick regularly, round after round. The calendar hanging on the wall, we pass sheet by sheet until we reach the turn of the year. The timeline of life reminds us that there is a time limit to our lives. The death of a clock hand does not or has not erased the existence of time. The death of a human being does not stop the existence of the time dimension. The death of a star in the universe does not erase time. That is time. Let alone years, the seconds we have just passed will never come back. We are always required to make the most of it, without missing a single second. Because, if that happens, maybe time itself will speak loudly: Sorry, your time is up!

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Nugie Dharma Armanie

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