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Eternal Union

Eternal Union

Fostering a household to heaven

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2024-03-12 )

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Premarital education is very important to help us know if we really want to get married and if we are ready to get married. It also helps us learn the skills needed to develop a good marriage relationship. What do people think of first when they think of marriage? Unfortunately, marriage is not always as sweet as it seems. Starting a wedding is actually very similar to starting the construction of a building. The building may be very grand and beautiful, but the most important thing is the foundation on which the building is based. If the foundation is not strong, then the building will not survive when storms and severe shocks hit, sooner or later. Goals are the first thing to be planned, but the last thing to be realised. Goals are the first thing to be set in the framework, but the last thing to be achieved in the milestones. This shared vision brings up questions like "Why are we building a family? What are our personal goals, what are our children's goals? What will be our respective responsibilities towards our family? What will be our life priorities?" So marriage is not only limited to this world, but how to make it so that the couple will be reunited in heaven.

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Nugie Dharma Armanie

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