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Muhammad is an Adjective, Macca is fabricated

Muhammad is an Adjective, Macca is fabricated

The Beqaa Valley is the Masjid-Al-Haram, A Study in the Light of the Holy Quran

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2024-01-08 )

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The word Mecca (Q: 48:24) is mentioned only once in the entire Holy Qur'an, which is not related to the birth of the Prophet or any worship. Conventional Islam is mostly based on the hearsay of some Islamic narrators published in the eighth and ninth centuries. This study has been carried out by combining the methods of research followed in the Holy Quran and the academically accepted research methodology. The results of almost fourteen hundred years of mythological history of conventional Islamic narrators are opposites. First of all, the proper name of the Prophet revealed by the Holy Quran is Ahmed, but Muhammad is an adjective and there are many similar examples. Secondly, this prophet was not born in Mecca, KSA, nor in 570/571 A.D., but in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon, between the third and fourth centuries. Thirdly, the Muslim Hajj (pilgrimage) of Mecca is celebrated entirely according to the Lahwal Hadith (idle tales) in the language of the Holy Quran. Originally the place designated for pilgrimage was in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.

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