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Nuclear War and Civilizational Collapse

Nuclear War and Civilizational Collapse

Dire Warning of the Holy Quran

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2023-08-08 )

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The history of nuclear warfare extends far beyond the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A number of ancient sinful civilizations, including A'ad, Thamud, and Lut, are mentioned in the Holy Quran, all of which were ostensibly wiped out by nuclear weapons. Today's Dead Sea, which was once the site of the town of Sodom and Gomorrah, is a stark reminder of the devastation caused by nuclear bombs. The dangers of nuclear warfare have been studied by scientists ever since the 1980s. After extensive study, they concluded that a layer of smoke covering the entire planet would be created by the carbon plumes produced by the burning of cities and ports at very high temperatures during a global nuclear war. Such type of smoke is mentioned in the verses 10 and 11 of surah Ad-Dukhan of the Holy Quran, where it is stated that one day the sky will be covered with clear smoke, and it will encircle the entire human race. Thus, studies have confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that nuclear war will generate enormous quantities of smoke, as predicted in the Holy Quran. In this manner, the Holy Quran foretells a future nuclear war on Earth.

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