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The gift of the believer

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2023-06-08 )

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Ramadan is one of the most sacred and significant months in the Islamic calendar. It is a time of spiritual reflection, prayer, and fasting for Muslims all around the world. This month holds great importance in the hearts of Muslims, as it is believed to be the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).I have not studied any Islamic subject. So in this book, I did not give any kind of fatwa and did not try to give it. Because I think I don't even have the minimum qualification to give a fatwa. I've always tried to make references to this book. It can still go wrong. Because to err is human. So if you see any mistake, you must forgive as a younger brother. With this hope, I started the journey of Ramadan.

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Hassab bin ahmed

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Religious manuscripts, Prayers, Hymnbook, religious Meditations