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Jesus Barabbas

Jesus Barabbas

The New Testament from Islamic and Cultural Perspectives

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2023-02-21 )

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Have you ever wondered why there are three Abrahamic faiths instead of one? What would have happened had the Jewish people accepted Jesus Christ? Would we still have one, two, or three Abrahamic religions? Have you ever wondered why Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad descend from the same patriarch, from the same region, and spoke interrelated languages? Why are there no more prophets among the Jewish people? Why did the Jewish people want to kill Jesus, despite the great miracles he performed? How can we make sense of the existence of three Abrahamic faiths that each claim to be the right one? Should there be only one faith? If so, which one? What is missing that prevents us from connecting the dots?This book analyzes the New Testament and the story of Jesus from Islamic and cultural perspectives. It gives clear answers to the questions above, and much more. The words of Jesus, as well as the words of the New Testament, are examined from different perspectives to draw a clear picture of the story of Jesus and what happened two thousand years ago.

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Jamal Salameh

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