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In Search of Independence

In Search of Independence

The Moro Revolt and the Remaking of Bangsamoro

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2022-09-02 )

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The book is about the Bangsamoro struggles for independence from the Philippine Republic. The Bangsamoro people have asserted their right to self-determination since Philippine independence from the United States immediately after World War II. They vehemently opposed the annexation of Bangsamoro homeland to the Republic of the Philippines because they believed that their nation was separate from the rest of the Philippines since pre-colonial period and that they had distinct culture and religion. They showed their objection by means of taking arms. However, they miserably failed to reclaim Bangsamoro independence. The Bangsamoro is now located in a moment of history when independence is no longer in the table. After embracing autonomy in lieu of independence, the world would finally witness the remaking of Bangsamoro.

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Musa Damao

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Political theory and the history of ideas