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Feel the Orphans Sorrow

Feel the Orphans Sorrow

Ensure your place to paradise

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2021-07-16 )

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Expressing love for orphans softens the heart and brings peace of mind. A nation's most valuable asset is its children, and their future. Caring for orphans is a significant part of Islam. Orphans are mentioned 22 times in the Qur’an; their mistreatment is a serious sin, while nurturing and sponsoring them is an immensely valuable good deed. The Prophet (PBUH) said, "I and the orphan will be like this in Paradise’, he pointed with his index finger and middle finger and made a small gap between the two." (Bukhari). Orphans must be loved from the bottom of the hearts. It has been said in the Qur'an, "Explain the wealth of the orphans and do not exchange the impure wealth with the sacred wealth." And do not consume their wealth by mixing it with yours. Surely this is a great sin. '(Surah An Nisa: 2).

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Md. Mekail Ahmed

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