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The concept of peace in Islam and the prophet's practice

The concept of peace in Islam and the prophet's practice

With critical study of some verses in the Quran and the Sunnah

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2020-09-07 )

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This work is intended for a large audience whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, who are not familiar with the Prophets teaching and values. In the First chapter we have to study the concept of peace, in peace studies, and more focused on the Islamic perspective. It mentioned that Peace in Islam is more comprehensive and holistic because it is a fruit of belief that starts within the individuals, the society and then the entire Muslim nation. What is sought in this study is sympathy, mutual respect, and essentially the love of the Prophet Muhammad. Whether one believes or not. It is important to try to immerse oneself in the Prophet's life and recapture the spirit that infused his mission with meaning. However, in a daily bases the dominant international media portrays a distorted image of Islam and its Prophet (pbuh) with terrorism at its core. In their views; Islam and the Prophet Muhammad are considered the Main Source of evil that the West should fight to protect humanity and civilization.Moreover, this study is attempting to prove the contrary, Prophet Muhammad is a Man of peace and calls for people to coexist with each other to care about humanity.

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Zoubir Ibrahim Bouzerzour

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