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The attainment of ‘ilm (knowledge), is obligatory upon all muslims, may it be the sciences of theology, philosophy, law, ethics, politics or any other wisdom imparted to mankind from God through the blessings of his last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Our aim is to help spread information and knowledge about Islam by publishing the writings of islamic scholars and ulemas in book form internationally.

Guidance to Humanity

Guidance to Humanity

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2020-07-13 )

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The book is an extract of some of the verses of Quran, which are mainly giving guidance to humanity. It is avoided to bring in discussion rituals, and God, to keep the writeup purely guidance for humanity. It is to seek accessibly spirituality by distilling difficult concepts into digestible nuggets of wisdom. Contained within this book are practical solutions to build a society having brotherhood, tranquility and freedom from superstitions. Guidance or prescriptions which offer simple cognitive/and or behavioral instructions to help nurture and illuminate the soul and bring peace in society. Islam and Muslims are topics which when presented gets rejected before the message is delivered, due to extremism which has created hate toward Islam. People as soon as hear words, Islam, Quran, reject to listen. The book is written considering these difficulties, topics are selected to bridge the gap created due to misconception. The topic of Islamic spirituality has often faced the challenge of remaining comprehensible to a limited few who have been able to decipher the realm of the esoteric and theoretical solutions. My efforts are to bring it to common people.

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Mukhtar Farid

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General Humanities