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Mohammad The Messenger Of Peace

Mohammad The Messenger Of Peace

Prophet Mohammad's Life 570 - 632

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2020-06-18 )

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The book deals with the life of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632) A.D. from birth to death and reviews in the introduction a description of the reality of Arabia before Islam, then the effect of the call of the Holy Prophet on brotherhood and peace.The book adheres to the basic sources of the prophetic biography adopted in Islamic heritage, focuses in particular on the efforts of the Prophet in establishing peace, and explains that the twenty-eight invasions mentioned in the biographies books are not, in fact, invasions, but most of them are reconciliations and negotiations.The book lists the biography of the Prophet in the order of the years, then reviews the most important events in it. Attached to the book are several graphs and illustrative indexes that include the calendar of the Prophet’s biography and introduces the most important men and women in the life of the Messenger. The book was later translated into English and the Russian language.Dr. Habash was awarded a Ph.D. of honor from the Romanian University of Craiova for his work on this book.

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Mohamad Al Habash

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