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Manners of Hairdressing in the Pristine Prophetic Traditions

Manners of Hairdressing in the Pristine Prophetic Traditions

The Stylists Handout

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2020-02-26 )

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The book: Adāb Al Hilāqah (The Manners of Hairdressing) is woman centered book, written to educate our believing sisters and mothers. The book is a gem on the issue pertaining to the hair of the believing woman as it succinctly explains over ninety issues like; necessity of keeping hair good for the spouse, shaving of armpit, types of hair regarding shaving, times to unbraid, who can see the hair among the Mahrams, dreadlocks, attachment, wig, the prohibited hairstyles and among other issues. Likewise, the rulings pertaining stylists, shop and naming of shop was also mentioned. The book calms the mind with the citation of Quranic verses, prophetic traditions and the explanations of the past and present scholars of Islām. So, no opinion was mentioned except it is rightfully attributed to the scholar(s) who hold(s) it, because they are shield of the student. And indeed, this is the blessing of knowledge as said by Al Imaam As Suyootee and Ash Shaykh Bakr bn Abee Zayd (May Allaah please with them). No gainsaying, husbands, fathers and brothers need this book for their women, likewise all the believing women need to furnish their libraries with it.

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Dhikrullahi Adebayo

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