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Principles of Islamic Inheritance

Principles of Islamic Inheritance

A Must-Read Self-Study Text

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2020-03-18 )

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The book begins by introducing the basic concepts whose knowledge is required for a good understanding of the subject matter. A diagram which presents at a glance, all legal heirs is included for their fast and easy identification. Rules whose application is required for successful sharing of heritage are included. It covers cases of deficiency and excess of inheritance shares. It also covers inheritance of missing person and foetus. A chapter is dedicated to treatment of fractions to assist readers that may not be in a numerate discipline. Over eighty questions portraying various inheritance scenarios are included with solutions presented in step-by-step format. Two different approaches, which necessarily produce same results, are presented. The first approach is the traditional method, which requires thorough understanding and application of the rules while the second is a modern approach that requires understanding of the use of some tables. The presentation of different approaches is part of the strength of the text as one method can be used to check the correctness of results obtained from the other.

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Ismaila A. Bolarinwa

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