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The Contemporary Interpretation of Qur'anic Ayat of Natural Sciences

The Contemporary Interpretation of Qur'anic Ayat of Natural Sciences

Discussion and Debate

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2019-11-19 )

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The Qur'anic exegesis necessarily involves two very significant issues: the wide diversity of opinion among the commentators and the question whether the ayat (verses) related to nature can be justifiably explicated in the light of modern science. In fact, these issues have for long been a subject of great discussion and debate. The first group of Muslim scholars do not subscribe to the opinion that ayat related to nature (in the Qur'an) can be justifiably explained scientifically. On the other hand, the second group subscribes to the opinions that modern science may justifiably be used for the Qur'anic interpretation. Objective of the present article was mainly to discuss the opinions and arguments of the two divergent or contradictory groups at length and also to attempt to find out measures to settle the issues raised by them.

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Karem Ghoneim

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