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Surah al-Kahf The ongoing battle between spirituality and materialism

Surah al-Kahf The ongoing battle between spirituality and materialism

Spiritual solutions to the trials of the modern age

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2019-02-15 )

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In an age when the heart and minds of the masses have been greatly influenced by the poison of materialism, and in which the faith of especially the youth is being corrupted at every turn, one finds in Surah al-Kahf inspiring lessons that aid tremendously in the battle we are presently fighting, i.e. the battle of faith vs disbelief, and of spirituality vs materialism. The purpose of this book is to highlight some of these lessons, in the hope that through the blessings of this miraculous Surah the hearts and minds of the Ummah be saved from disbelief, from having doubts in one's beliefs, being engulfed in the smoke of worldly temptations, and being blinded from the reality of this trivial, deceptive world and the Everlasting life of the Hereafter.

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Ridwan ibn Dawood

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