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The Journey Within

The Journey Within

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2019-02-20 )

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The Journey Within is a memoire about the hardships and challenges faced by a convert living in the West. Living in the West as a convert is a whole new world; we must learn how to leave our old lifestyles and start a completely new one, deal with our non-Muslim families, and we are always faced with many new and difficult challenges. This book is meant to share with you what many converts face and struggle with. It gives insight into the different journey of one who was not born into a Muslim family and what it’s like to live alone as a Muslim in a non-Muslim family. The Journey Within is an intimate approach to allowing others to understand and relate to the author on a human-emotional level. This book is meant for one to connect and discover one’s fitrah and to use the tools Allah has already given us in order to discover one’s true purpose in this life. Through personal experiences, this memoire is written in a journal style which serves as a reminder and reflection for all those who are struggling and trying to find solace within.

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Khadijah Unnie

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