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Buyu' for Beginners

Buyu' for Beginners

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2018-10-11 )

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Al Ghazali, realizing the complexity of Islamic commercial law, decided to simplify it by selecting six relevant chapters. These aspects of the divine law affect nearly everyone’s life whether he is a brick layer or a wealthy supermarket tycoon building his empire. The manner one earns for his family and spends on them has a profound effect, not only on their physical being, but also their characters and deeds. Keeping these few monetary concepts in mind, one will have a basic idea on how to place wholesome and doubt-free food on the plate. Knowing the divine way of handling money will also save a person from unwittingly hurting others and trampling over their rights. As a simple guideline to earn a legal and pure income, this excerpt from Al Ghazali’s Ihya’ guides the reader from buying a loaf of bread to setting up a business venture with whatever hiring, renting and orders in between.

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Umair Bin AbdulGhaffar

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Commercial law, Business law