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Dear Allah

Dear Allah

The miracle in a Du’a

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2024-03-18 )

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Who is the right person to turn to when people are stricken with anxiety, hardship, difficulty and sorrow? To whom should they turn for help? Who is worthy of being the place of dependence, supplication, request and lamentation of all beings? Who has the right to be the hanger of the heart and always uttered by the human tongue? When the sea rumbles, the waves rise, and the wind blows fiercely, all the passengers on board will panic and cry out: "Ya Allah!" When a person gets lost in the desert, a vehicle veers off course, and caravans are confused about the direction of their journey, they will cry out: "Ya Allah!" When calamities befall, disasters strike, and tragedies occur, those afflicted will always cry out: "O Allah!" When the doors of supplication are closed, and the veils of prayer are lifted, people sigh: "O Allah!" Is He not the One who fulfils the supplication of the one in distress when he supplicates to Him, and removes distress, and has made you (mankind) stewards (rulers) of the earth? Is there any god beside Allah? How little (of Allah's favours) do you remember. An-Naml 27: 62. The answer is that it is Allah, none other than Allah, there is no god but Him.

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