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Islamic Studies and Scholars of Tamil Nadu-India

Islamic Studies and Scholars of Tamil Nadu-India

Seven Indian Islamic Scholars as Luminaries:Life and Works of Twenty Two Eminent Islamic Scholars of Tamil Nadu

Al Ilm Publishing ( 2021-12-10 )

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The Indian Muslim scholars took farsighted attempt to establish Islamic learning centres across the country, with a view to propagate the Islamic teachings. An attempt has been made in this book on the contributions of Islamic Studies and scholars in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu.In this book, the Life and Works of Seven Prominent Indian Islamic Scholars of India and their Life and Works were discussed elaborately as Luminaries of Islam. They are Mullah Muhammad al-Jaupuri,Gulam Ali Azad Bilgrami, Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan, Abdul Haq Dehlawi, FazlulHaq Khairabadi,Shah Waliullah Dehlawi and Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi. And also Twenty Two Eminent Islamic Personalities of Tamil Nadu are discussed namely Shaik Sulayman, Shaik Sadaqatullah, Sam Shihabuddin, Shaik Salahuddin,Umar Wali,Shaik Abdul Qadir Takya Sahib Junior & Senior , Syed Mohammad Al- Imam Al Aroos, Qazi Nizamuddin Ahmed Sagheer, Moulana Baqir Agah, Moulana Abdul Ali Bahrul Uloom, Moulvi Muhammad Ghouse Sharaful Mulk Bahadur, Moulvi Muhammad Mahdi Wasif, Syed Tajuddin Taj, Qazi Irtiza Ali Khan Bahadur, Moulvi Abdul Wahab Madarul Umara and Muhammad Sibghatullah .

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