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The attainment of ‘ilm (knowledge), is obligatory upon all muslims, may it be the sciences of theology, philosophy, law, ethics, politics or any other wisdom imparted to mankind from God through the blessings of his last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Our aim is to help spread information and knowledge about Islam by publishing the writings of islamic scholars and ulemas in book form internationally.

Free of Charge Publishing

You never bear any of the publishing costs, we bear that for you!

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Your books are available to all leading international book distributors including Amazon.

Multilingual Professional Assistance

Our whole team combined speaks more than 40 languages. We offer dedicated support through out the whole publishing process.

How does it work?

  • Submit your writings for a first opinion

    Upload your manuscript here or simply send it to your editor if you have already been contacted by us.

  • You get an author contract

    After reviewing your manuscript we will send you an author contract by email.

  • Log in to our easy publishing platform to create your book.

    You can create your book directly online. Your dedicated editor will help you through this.

  • Order your printed copies

    Additionally to our book distribution network, you can purchase printed copies of your book with huge discounts for self-distribution and retail in your own local community.

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Who are we?

Al-Ilm Publishing is a subsidiary of OmniScriptum Publishing. With over 200 editors through out the world, OmniScriptum has over 15 years of experience in the field of publishing and brought various innovations such as POD to the publishing market.

Al-Ilm Publishing is managed by Mohamed Taoufiq El-Hajji, Chief Public Relations Officer under the leadership of Ieva Konstantinova, CEO of the OmniScriptum Publishing Group

Ieva Konstantinova

Ieva KonstantinovaCEO

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Taoufiq El Hajji

Taoufiq El HajjiBusiness Development

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Sara Belaidi

Sara BelaidiEditor

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